I KNOW Why You're Here......

You Can Start A Part-Time Business Making Over N96,000 Weekly Selling RIDAX....ALL Without Stress

  • Its Not Network Marketing 
  • Its Not Affiliate Marketing
  • Its Not Ponzi Scheme
  • No Referral
  • No Website

PREMIUM Bedbugs Pesticide...

Huge market Demand (Over 430,000 Pcs Sold Nationwide!)

Market Demand is So HUUUGE...See For yourself Below...

Here's The DEAL...

"BEDBUGS have become a pandemic in the country today

>> Many homes are struggling with bedbugs infestation today...!

>> Our Premium pesticide Is CONFIRMED as a POWERFUL solution for bedbugs menace…

The Demand is MASSIVE…& Still Growing!

As a company, we are not able to penetrate everywhere… that’s why we are inviting ONLY few distributors!

If We Accept You as Our Distributor...

TESTED & PROVEN Fast Sales for  You...

  • Homes/Families
  • HostelsThousands of secondary  boarding schools nationwide
  • Higher Institution…Both private & govt owned, Universities, polythchnics , college of education, E.t.c
  • Barracks
  • Hotelsfrom small to medium to large (Huge plus…this is odourless!)
  • Churches, Mosques...Anywhere people gather

There are some simple conditions...

  • Check your city now to see if we still have an available slot for you
  • Distributors must be willing to start with at least 1 carton (minimum is N96,000)

All of this means ONE THING...

"Only Serious People Needed

...This Is Not Open To Everyone & There Are Limited Slots Per City."

Here's What You Need To Do NOW...

  • Click on the button below and submit the form to check if there's an available slot in your city
  • If there's a slot, quickly contact me on WhatsApp with the number on the next page to further check if you quality
  • If you qualify, we'll recommend a product for you and also send you some buyers to call to confirm this is real. 
  • Afterwards, we'll onboard you and arrange to deliver your purchased products and begin sending you more buyers


Only a few slots for distributors in each city for now

So, you must hurry.