That’s the feeling you get when you think about investing in real estate in Nigeria

Are they real?

Am I about getting scammed?

How do I distinguish a genuine offer from a fraudulent offer?

Heck, I hear the land-grabbers (omo-onile) will give me hell!

What documents do I need to have for a safe and hassle-free transaction?

How can I tell if a land is free of government acquisition?

I want land that is free from any family feud!

So many lands offer everywhere: Do I buy from Estates or Communities or even from the Omo-oniles?

What documents must I be given by these sellers to authenticate my purchase?

Gush! Who will handle and prepare these documents so I can invest with real peace of mind?

How on earth will I be able to afford the services of expert real estate lawyers and surveyors e.tc?

I hear tales of woes about those who were scammed…

Oh, but I so so badly desire to at least have my own piece of land or possibly lands so I can build my own home!

So many questions on your mind.

You’re not alone…and that’s why we’re here to help you safely invest in real estate without all the confusion, hassles and avoidable complications!

Kemcorp Shop was established to bridge the gap.

For years, buying properties or land in Nigeria has been made more complicated than it really should be.

In an era where there’s so much confusion in real estate investment in Nigeria, we decided to be different (An aside here – would you like to see our lands and properties on promo right now? Hurry and Click Here!)

No matter what stage of the real estate investment journey you may be in, we’re here to empower you by making all things real estate simple, transparent, efficient, and enjoyable.

At Kemcorp Shop, we believe that real estate investment in Nigeria is the way forward for any visionary person. It’s one market that never diminishes but always on the increase…even while you sleep. We also believe that real estate investment has great potentials to generate massive profits with the right guidance.

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