When you reach out to us for a property or land purchase, this is how the simple process works…
There are FOUR simple steps involved, and we like to make it as easy as possible for you.

STEP 1: Contact us and let us know you’re interested in purchasing one of our lands or properties.

You can do this by submitting the Fast Response Form Below or calling us at (+234) 811-194-7383.

STEP 2: We’ll do a quick review of your requirements and see if it’s a fit for our services.

We need to know your ideal location, the size of land or property you’re looking for, the purpose for the land and property, and a few other details that we’ll get from you.


STEP 3: We will arrange a meeting (or several as needed!).

If your requirements are a good fit for our services, we will arrange a meeting and an inspection. At this stage, you’re free to do your due diligence before the close. We want this to be an absolute win for you!


 STEP 4: That’s it! We will set up the closing and signing of relevant documents, close the transaction and you will be free to sleep easy at night…Future investment secured!

We told you it was a simple process!

Remember, there is NO obligation whatsoever. We review your requirements, make you offer(s) and if it doesn’t fit for you, that’s just fine. We are professional real estate consultancy and procurement agents who look for win/win situations. YOU need to be happy with your purchase!

What are you waiting for? If you need to invest in real estate or acquire your new home with duly signed relevant documents minus omo-onile complications, fill out the Fast Response Form Below.

We look forward to serving you!